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This can be all type of music going to azonto, afrobeat, highlife, hip-hop to reggae, dancehall, r’n’b. Professional or upcoming artists ? Don't be shy ! Feel free to share your work to our passionate community.

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You are the content owner ? Great ! Then breeze through our submission process.
Your video will be checked by our team of afromusic lovers. If all is fine become a nominee. Sir yes sir ! Check the lineup here.


It’s getting hot in here! Your work will be simultaneously submitted to the TubeStream community and our judging panel for their scores. The judges vote counts for 25% and the great general public’s makes up the remaining 75%.
Go get your audience now !


Once your video has been in the nominees for 7 days it’s final score will be collated and pitted against the videos from 30 days previous. If it’s the highest scored video it’ll be automatically scheduled to become Video Of The Day! That’s your cue to drop what you’re doing, announce it to your fans, share it on your networks, Tell it to anybody who needs to know. This is your time to shine BABY. What are you waiting to be a star ?


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